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How to Measure P&L When Your Price is Free


Most of us are evaluated on the Profit and Loss for our products and as such are well versed in the mechanics of determining the optimal price point. What happens when that price point is free? Research shows that .5-2% of consumers actually pay for their software, which leaves 98-99.5% using the software for nothing.

So, how does one make money on Free? Learn about proven no-charge business models that can pay off quickly using minimal in-house resources and generate the cash or traffic you need to survive in this down economy.

This presentation covers many of the free models, including try and buy, freemium, ad-supported, and cross-subsidy or save-and-shave, and open up discussion on any additional models that the audience has used. Much of the information will come from the experiences at W3i, who delivers software to nearly 10 million users a month all for free and from the many discussions occurring since the release of Chris Andersons book Free- The Future of a Radical Price.


Minnebar 5 (2010-05-22)


Kristin Oberhaus