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I Think I Want to Be a Startup


In this session, we will go through the basics of what it takes to work for yourself. Whether you want to be a solo entrepreneur or start the next Internet wonder, there are some basic steps most companies must take to get off the ground. This session will focus on bootstrapping the small startup, but will contain content that also applies to businesses that plan to raise millions in investment capital.

Scott will share his experience of being an independent software consultant for the past 3 years and what it was like owning a small residential construction company for 8 years. Scott is also a member of a 6 person startup called QONQR, winner of Startup Weekend Twin Cities and finalist at SXSW Accelerator. QONQR is starting their investment funding search, and Scott will share some things they have learned from this process. He will share his experience of how QONQR built their team, how they are positioning themselves for success, and what the joys/pains of bootstrapping a startup as a team have been.

A small portion of the content in this session may be a review of last years Success in Consulting session, and this years presentation will include more audience participation and product focused startup topics.


Minnebar 6 (2011-05-07)


Scott Davis