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Improvisation: How to Unleash Creative, Flexible, Cohesive Teams


This is not a lecture, but a “hands on” workshop where you’ll learn what games and exercises improvisers use to sharpen their listening skills, become more spontaneous, quickly generate new ideas and improve collaboration. You will be able to use these tools on your own projects after this workshop.

Improvisation has been described as “The art of not knowing what you are going to say or do and being OK with that.” Life and business don’t offer a script to follow and improvisation develops skills such as solving problems with no clear solution in sight. Truly innovative or disruptive ideas don’t come easy. Improv can help you generate ideas and work. We’ll push the furniture out of the way and get you on your feet. Come prepared to join in improvisation games and exercises all the while not knowing what will happen next. And we’ll have fun doing it.


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Jim Barrett