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Introduction to Android Development for Startups

URL: http://blog.donnfelker.com/,

We’ll cover the basics of Android development. There will be some chit chat about the tools, tricks and trade of developing Android apps. We’ll then dive into the guts and talk about how to make money in the market (this not only applies to Android, but to all Markets) and use Android as a MVP (minimum viable product) for your start up.

In this session you’ll get an overview of how develop applications with Android for your startup from an industry expert. Donn’s apps have been downloaded from the Android Market over 4.2 million times. Donn is also the author of Android Application Development for Dummies an Android Tablet Application Development for Dummies as well as many articles and online video tutorials.

Donn is a partner in these local Twin Cities startups: – Qonqr (www.qonqr.com) – Agile Health (www.agilemedicine.com) – Barcodes.IO (www.barcodes.io)


Minnebar 6 (2011-05-07)


Donn Felker