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Journey to the Bottom of the Storage Stack

URL: http://markgritter.livejournal.com,

(or: 20,000 I/Os Under the Filesystem)

We usually deal with storage systems at their “top” level: files and databases. But there’s a lot of complex behavior that goes on to translate file operations into blocks on disk or flash. This session will show some tools and techniques for analyzing storage behavior from “underneath” the file system, from the perspective of devices and storage arrays. How does file-level behavior manifest as real storage operations? And how can we distill “interesting” features from large storage systems?

Topics covered:

  • Tracing input/output operations
  • Visualizing storage: heatmaps and timelines
  • Working backwards through the file system with a file system debugger
  • Inferring high-level behavior from low-level measurements


Minnebar 8 (2013-04-06)


Mark Gritter