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Landing the First Hundred Customers


One of the greatest challenges for any young company is keeping the leads coming in. In this session we’ll talk about getting to your first 100 paying customers. It’s a journey past the low hanging fruit you start with. Testing your imagination, determination, and passion. The session will break into two halves. We’ll start sharing about the unique ways we’ve found our customers. We’ll finish off by focusing on how to got those leads to close.

Finding Customers:
The first half of our time will be talking about lead generation. Where do we look when our friend and acquaintances are sick of us. Without leaving it up to the mystery of the internet. Come prepared to share your strategies to strike gold.

Closing Each Deal:
With each lead being so precious, how can we give ourselves the best chance of closing the deal. In the second half of the time we’ll collaborate around how to do this well. This is an often over looked aspect of getting your customers signed up.

Presenter & Conversation Leader: Paul Prins
Currently running his second successfully growing start up – Fresh Vine – he wants the startup community in Minnesota to be successful. He started his first internet company at 15 and sold it seven years later. A software engineer at heart, he’s learned a lot of hard lessons growing both businesses.
[@paulprins](https://twitter.com/paulprins+paulprins linkedin


Minnebar 9 (2014-04-12)


Paul Prins