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Learn to Sell Your Ideas to Investors, Collaborators, and Potential Customers, a Surefire Way to be Successful


A Case Study The Dancing CEO, the Non-sleazy Salesperson, and the Customer Buying Experience.

The hallmark of every value-driven experience is the amount and depth of genuine human connection–that bond between an individual and a brand, an experience, an organization or an idea. The power of genuine connections extends not only among peers, but also to friends, loved ones, and even within yourself. And most importantly for entrepreneurs to investors, collaborators and customers.

Through a recent case study, this session covers more than half a century of experience bringing practical solutions in innovation, collaboration and communication to market that will guarantee a genuine connection.

A small start-up is boldly challenging Fortune 500 company’s notions of sales, value, and even corporate culture, and they are winning. They’ve raised money, ignited collaborators, and closed millions in sales. Featuring a dancing CEO, a reinvention of the salesperson and a reframing of the “sales experience”, this case study is unlike any you’ve ever heard.

You will leave with a greater grasp of the strengths and challenges, presence or absence, and untapped potential of genuine connection in your professional and personal life.


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Jeffry Brown, Chris Carlson