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Lessons in startup PR: How to launch a product


Getting the tech press to write about your startup can drive huge amounts of traffic and give you instant credibility. The challenge is in getting the press to care enough to write about your startup in the first place.

Come learn about pitching to the press and our successful launch of [Astropad](http://www.astropad.com). Learn about our launch strategy and some tips and tricks which drove over *200k* visitors to our site in only a few weeks.

Come learn about:

  • How to pitch tech writers
  • What sites you should be pitching to
  • Coordinating your project launch
  • Using embargoes and exclusives to your advantage
  • How your launch strategy starts on day one
  • Resources for learning about PR

If you’re looking to launch a project, stop on by and hear what worked for us.


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Matt Ronge