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Managing Tech Teams


I’ve spent most of my career managing developers, from informal peer-to-peer leadership, to big corporate structure. In recent years I am most often approached by non-technical entrepreneurs attempting to start a technology company, with no experience or skill in working with those of us who are the “difficult to deal with” nerds and geeks.

Scott is CEO of QONQR, a bootstrapped mobile gaming company in Minneapolis and adjunct professor at St Mary’s University in the Information Technology Management program. This session will be a 50 minute summary of the master’s class Scott teaches on “Managing Technology Teams”. We’ll focus on the negative stereotypes, communication issues, trust concerns, and the challenge of ambiguity. The goal is not to teach entrepreneurs how to best manage your technical team, but expose the dynamics of working with technical teams that may be new to non-technical managers, or software developers not accustomed to working with new tech managers.


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Scott Davis