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Managing your social media with Clove. Get an introduction to building on our SDK

URL: http://timerickson.com/,

Join us for an introduction to Clove, the social media management application unlike any other. We will be giving a demonstration of the desktop app, and will be showing some examples of plugins built with the Clove SDK!

Some background on Clove:

Clove is a social media discovery platform. We are building an application that allows users to aggregate and interact with their total desired social media presence. Clove is built on an open SDK for development, which allows anyone to add functionality and feeds to the application. Furthermore, Clove is social network independent, meaning it reaches far beyond Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. Any social network with an API can easily be added to Clove.


Minnebar 5 (2010-05-22)


Tim Erickson