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Minnesota Indie Game Developer Microtalks

URL: http://chesstris.com, http://www.zachstronaut.com/,

Minnesota has a vibrant game development scene! In this session, local game developers will each take the podium for 5 to 10 minutes. They might be showing off their latest game, they might be talking about how they structure their business, they might show off some piece of interesting new technology, or rant about the state of the industry. If there is time left over, we’ll do roundtable Q&A, talk about the game development events hosted by IGDA Twin Cities, and maybe play some locally made games!

This session description will continue to get updated as the individual speakers are confirmed/scheduled.


Martin Grider will host the talks as well as present his iOS UIKit game prototyping framework and talk about rapid 2D game prototyping techniques for iOS.

Scott Lembcke will present on how he became technical lead for Cocos2D, one of the most popular iOS game frameworks.

Dev Jana will present his Blu Qb game pack currently on Kickstarter.

Zachary Johnson will talk about his pun-filled multi-platform RPG Equip Pants.

Joel Stewart (description TBD)

Zach Wendt will give a fast overview of the current state of consumer VR and near-future changes, how effective VR content differs from current games, and how YOU can easily (and finally affordably) start making your own VR projects.


Minnebar 9 (2014-04-12)


Martin Grider, Zach Johnson, Joel Stewart, Scott Lembcke, Zach Wendt, Dev Jana