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Nailing Your First Client: Customer Acquisition for Geeks

URL: http://curtprins.com,

Customer acquisition is a lot like dating:

  • You need to get to know them before youll have luck nailing them,
  • Mistakes made early in relationships can end them,
  • Over promising and under delivering will be catastrophic,
  • Pressing too hard, too lightly or ignoring them altogether will take you no where,
  • Golddigging is easy to spot,
  • And its very rare that a quickie will lead to anything long-term.

Whatever the path or process, the goal is the same: a rewarding relationship. This seminar will parallel how your customer acquisition process can benefit from good old dating advice.

Whether youre socially awkward or or a regular Don Juan, my step-by-step process should help even the most passive introverted coder close their first customer. This session will be interactive and not for the humorless.


Minnebar 7 (2012-04-07)


Curt Prins