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Negotiating Consulting Contracts That Work


Are you taking on projects with just a handshake? Or maybe you have finally learned to spell things out in a letter of agreement or contract – but still ended up in a dispute with your client. Youre not alone!

Your expertise is writing code, not writing contracts!
Yet most entrepreneurs in their first year in business attempt to go it alone and create their own contracts. So, how can you avoid the pitfalls of a poorly constructed contract?

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • the importance of developing your own contract instead of using one provided by the client,
  • what to include in your contracts,
  • key things to avoid when negotiating with your prospect,
  • the value of third party reviews of your document,
  • whether or not you need the assistance of an attorney (and how to find one), and
  • how to recognize the difference between a good and bad contract. Come with questions or examples of issues youve encountered beforeor after.signing the contract. This workshop is as much about conversation as it is about content. After all, we are our own best teachers.


Minnebar 6 (2011-05-07)


Robert Altman