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Putting a Neighborhood Online: Creating Sustainable Online Communities

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Let’s talk about neighborhood information sites. I can share what I’ve been doing over in Seward Neighborhood for the past year+ with Seward Online (Seward Profile@SewardTweetsSeward Community ForumSeward Calendar) and give you an idea of the challenges involved in truly crowd-sourcing an effort like this and making it sustainable with no cash flow and avoiding burnout.

In the process, I’ll share what I’ve learned about using the major social media tools for neighborhood engagement and debunk some of the myths. No, you don’t have to follow everyone who follows you. You don’t have to follow anyone!

It’s not really about “citizen journalism”; it’s about keeping a community informed about events and meetings and creating a searchable repository of community meeting minutes, police updates, and conversations. In somewhat metaphysical terms, it’s about reflecting the fabric of the community itself and creating an ongoing documentary of its life force.


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Peter Fleck