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Recruiting For Start Ups (Or any Size Company)


The War For Talent Part II is under way in Silicon Valley and while Minneapolis/St Paul is not there yet there are definitely recruiting skirmishes and we are seeing job seekers receiving multiple offers.

Every event like this I go to an entrepreneur (or CEO of seven year old company) says they are having a hard time finding staff.

And here you are attending MinneBar with lots of talented folks running around many of whom want to find a new job or gig.

So please tell me you have:

  • gone through the attendee list to see who you want to talk with
  • been updating Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook that you are hiring
  • included a we are hiring slide in your presentation
  • updated those crappy ads on your career page you are pointing people to

A few things to think about before attending:

  • do your job descriptions suck?
  • are you creating a talent pool?
  • are you aggressive or passive?
  • how long do you take to hire?

I have a bunch of ideas to share with you about sourcing and recruiting IT folks.

One part presentation and one part discussion to share best practices in sourcing, recruiting and hiring people for your company.

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Minnebar 6 (2011-05-07)


Paul DeBettignies