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Screw You LAMP. Plus Virtualization

URL: http://www.drivetrainagency.com,

Consider the screw. Hammers, saws, levels and planes date back to pre-history. Screws are a relatively recent innovation, only finding their way into common use in the 18th century, only becoming mass produced in the 19th century, and only becoming standardized in the 20th century.The history of the screw, particularly standardizing on the phillips head, is a parable of the future of IT. The technically inferior philips head screw won that generation of standards war, and in so doing, ushered in the era of mass produceable mechanical consumer goods.LAMP is the philips head screw of our profession.Don’t buy it? I’ll prove it using WordPress, ActiveDirectory, the Facebook Platform and others to point to a near-future where serious web applications built by non-programmers from loosely coupled server-side components — oh for a better term than “enterprise mashups” — and where sys-admin joins blacksmith as a profession left behind by progress.And that’s just a setup for the next-next thing, loosely coupled zero administration virtualized applications…


Minnebar 3 (2008-05-10)


Dan Grigsby