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Six Reasons to Open an Offline Store (Especially if you Sell Online) & How to do it Right (or at Least More Right)


Every entrepreneur loves online businesses. But there are many business challenges to selling goods and services online that good old fashion brick-and-mortar stores do not face. The intent of this session is to discuss several potential advantages to having a physical location (particularly in a retail space). This may be an odd discussion topic in an age when bookstores and video shops are closing all around us. And maybe the topic is just absurd. But my experience has been that there is great business potential in having BOTH an online and offline site.

I would like to discuss 6 reasons why you should consider it (especially if you have an internet business). I’ll also share some of my experiences (lessons learned) about doing brick-and-mortar businesses (especially integrating them with online businesses).

My experience mostly revolves around opening The Tea Garden & Steepery Tea Bar locations, so my insights will stem from that tea-based business.


Minnebar 6 (2011-05-07)


Daniel Kent