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Teaching Kids to Code — why, where and how.

URL: http://www.codesavvy.org,

Coding is cool, and in high demand. But here in 2014, we’re still teaching only a small fraction of our kids to code. We can change that, Minnebar! This session describes local coding initiatives you can join as a mentor, volunteer, adviser or donor. It also describes some great coding resources and platforms you can use to inspire and assist beginning coders.

Why learn to code? You know the answers: Its fun, profitable, useful, interesting and a fundamental skill for learning how to solve problems, understand how the world works, and make things happen. Most kids dont learn though, simply because they arent presented with the opportunity to do so. Fewer than 10% of Minnesota kids are learning to code, in or out of school. Let’s work on that!

Where? There are dozens of local initiatives that need your help, ranging from four CoderDojos to afterschool Code Clubs to a variety of projects targeting girls and lower-income kids. There are even a few school-based initiatives. Learn about:

  • CoderDojo a movement of volunteer-led, free coding experiences for youth, with 4 Dojos in Minnesota and more underway!
  • Technovation[MN], inspiring and enabling teen girls to design and build mobile apps
  • Digital Empowerment Academy and the Northside Code Club: coding opportunities to youth in North Minneapolis
  • And more.

How? Well describe some of the best coding platform and environments for teaching new coders, from free online tutorials to engaging systems for creating games and other apps. Teach your own, your neighbors, or start a project in your community! Help inspire a diverse, new code-savvy generation!

Presenters include Rebecca Schatz, Founder of the non-profit organization Code Savvy and xx from the Twin Cities’ CoderDojo.


Minnebar 9 (2014-04-12)


Rebecca Schatz