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Team Anti-Patterns

URL: http://ntschutta.com/jat/, http://www.drivetrainagency.com,

Teams aren’t like boy bands – there’s no formula that you can follow to guarantee a high performing team (though even if there was, many companies would probably ignore it anyway.) The best you can do (provided you are in a position to influence any of this) is provide fertile ground for teams to sprout. In many ways, its like being a farmer – all you can do is create a hospitable environment, one where greatness can thrive. Whether or not anything sprouts is anyone’s guess but clearly you’ve got a better chance if you plant in fertile ground and water regularly! This talk will examine many of the ways companies spill herbicide all over their best teams…


Minnebar 1 (2006-05-06)


Nate Schutta, Dan Grigsby