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The Changing Landscape of Retail: Winners, Losers, Game Changers, & Lessons Learned for Tech and Marketing Pros


This session will cover key elements of the evolution of retail over the last few years. It will focus on the store in store concept, change management (#$/? ego effect), data breeches (red circle), mobile apps, loyalty marketing, and the threat of on-line sellers. It will mostly focus on Target, JCP, Best Buy, and Amazon because they have made so much press recently.

The session will end with reasoned inferences (with your help) for creative new retail models that may likely arise from the current environment. This session hopes for a lively discussion.

Disclosure: Although Mr. Swenson holds long positions in JCP and Best Buy this presentation cannot be construed as advice to buy or sell a stock. Investors must do their own research and make their own decisions as to if they want to buy or sell a stock considering all applicable disclosures, risks, and info.


Minnebar 9 (2014-04-12)


Jeremy Swenson