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The Great Escape From The Not So Great Career Rut


When you are in a rut you feel like, well, in the wrong place at the wrong time in your life. For many professionals it can feel like their skills, experiences, etc., have all of a sudden become irrelevant in the world where they make a living. During a recession ruts get a little too crowded, where everyone starts mimicking what they hear about negative stuff: like life and the future. It is far better to get out of the rut and leave your and others’ baggage behind.

Our session will look at three facets of escaping from not so great career ruts.

  1. Along your path or paths into the future, what do you want success to look like?
  2. Tactics to catch-up with leaders in your field of vision.
  3. The art of designing and building a montage of skills and experiences for your career’s life.

Too many people say they have already “been there and done that” in their lives. In reality, only the dead can actually testify to that fact.

This will not be a lecture and non-participation is not an option. Bring your questions, thoughts and open minds. Above all, bring an honest desire to move out of or away from the self-limiting behaviors of ruts.


Minnebar 6 (2011-05-07)


Michael Mason Norman