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Tips & Tricks to Hack da Planet (by You for You)

URL: http://justinmcporter.com/,

This is the session that makes you smarter, more productive and better looking (well maybe not the last but you will be more awesome). It’s the session that gives you the opportunity to share your tip/trick/lifehack/etc.. with the technology community.

Tips/Tricks can range from sweet keyboard shortcuts you can’t live without or awesome programs that automate/innovate a process. (If you need some inspiration, visit Lifehacker)

Here’s the deal:

  1. Send me (@justinporter and include #hdpminnebar or juporter [at] gmail [dot] com) your coolest tip/trick by Friday, May 14th at 5 PM CST.
  2. A team of super duper smart people will go through the list of hacks and narrow it down to the top 10
  3. The same team that filters down the list will demo these hacks at the “Hack da Planet” session at MinneBar.

Pretty simply, huh?


Contact me @justinporter or juporter [at] gmail [dot] com.


Minnebar 5 (2010-05-22)


Justin Porter