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TOP SECRET – Army Marketing Secrets


No secrets here…everything is open for discussion.

In early 2007 the US Army had missed its recruiting goal for two consecutive months despite having a marketing budget that exceeded $450 million. A change was necessary.

We developed our FY08 planning objectives to accomplish two goals:

1. Make our recruiting goals using marketing that was Authentic and Verifiable.

    The Army had a 43% surplus going into FY10.

2. Reduce the marketing budget. I believe every dollar spent on marketing takes away from money for Soldiers in combat.

    The marketing budget for FY10 was reduced to approx. $210M.

In order to achieve these we relied heavily on social media. The use of social media by the Army was recently addressed on MSNBC: MSNBC Story

This presentation will include a brief overview of the entire Army marketing campaign while highlighting what has been done in social media. There have been many efforts to use Social Media by the Army and this presentation will address the good, the bad and the ugly. These include blogging, Facebook, twitter, youtube, games, and more.

Other marketing areas that could be discussed:

Client/Agency relationships

Sponsorships: (Army All American Bowl Game, NASCAR, NHRA, Conferences, etc)

Integration of traditional media and social media

I will be prepared to answer any and all questions you might have about Army marketing and look forward to discussing ways every company could learn from these experiences.


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David Lee