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Tweets From The Dystopian Mirror Dimension: They Have Minnebar Too!


    • Friends,**

I received a *very* unusual encrypted dark web video transmission this morning. On the other end was this dude who looked exactly like me, but was bald and had a pointy goatee.

He started going on about how he was from our dystopian mirror dimension, and how his planet was dying, and how I was the only one that could BLAH BLAH BLAH I sort of tuned him out after a while.

I was like, “LOOK, this is the most elaborate 419 scam I’ve ever encountered, so props on that. But I can’t just go trusting every mirror dimension dystopian twin that wanders along, ya know?”

“So how about this,” I suggested. “This Saturday is Minnebar. Following mirror dimension logic, you should have a Minnebar too. Do you?”

“We do….”

“And it runs simultaneous to OUR Minnebar?”


“Perfect. Set up a twitter account, and tweet out session announcements from dystopian Minnebar as they are happening. THEN I will know you are really from our mirror dimension.”

“We don’t have time for this, our planet is…”

“LA LA LA I can’t hear you, setup the twitter account already.”

“Fine, it’s done.”



Follow that twitter account this Saturday for administrative session reminders from MIRROR BAR.

                            1. NOTE TO ORGANIZER FRIENDS ##############

1. This is not a joke, don’t delete this session (And really, how dare you!) 2. I don’t need a room so please don’t schedule me one 3. If I could get a monitor with a twitter feed that would be AMAZING, but it’s asking a lot I know/especially this late. All the tweets will be #minnebar anyway.


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Ian Fitzpatrick