Hosted by igdatc, an evening of in-development games streamed on Twitch, where anyone watching can hop in and play!

Every third Wednesday at 6pm CT:
A new, online-only event, every third Wednesday starting at 6:00pm CT, for live testing of in-development games. Sessions are streamed to Twitch where anyone can watch along, and anyone watching can hop in and play!

Players don’t download builds and do not need a streaming setup. Developers only need to send an existing build to us. Games are hosted on a server running Parsec, a low-latency remote desktop service for games, which can even support local multiplayer titles.

Hosted by igdatc community members, each month’s stream also features game developers and playtesters discussing feedback, general game design, and whatever else!

Three ways to participate…
As an attendee: Join us on Twitch! Easy!
As a playtester: Contact us in advance, or just say ‘hey’ in Twitch chat!
As a developer: Send us a working (or near enough!) build. That’s it!
Further Details!
Developers and playtesters can join us on the stream via a role-protected voice chat channel in on the Twin Cities Gamedev Discord server (

For Playtesters!
Playtesters can play on any system that runs the Parsec client (Windows, Mac, or Linux). For best performance, a download speed of 5Mbps or better is a recommended.

Before the event:

Create a Parsec account:
Install the Parsec client:
During the event:

Post a message in igdatc > #events-chat letting us know your Parsec username (and your IRL name if it’s different from your Discord nickname).
Open Parsec and click the Friends tab. Select Add Friend, type in igdatc, and send us a friend request.
When it’s your turn:

Mute your browser! We don’t want audio feedback!
On Discord, you’ll be given access to the Event Stage voice channel, join that now! NOTE: Your voice will be live on Twitch.
Once you see an option in the “Computers” tab in Parsec to connect to OWLBOX, click that!
After your request is approved, the game will take over your Parsec window and you’re ready to play!
For Developers!
Want your game tested? Get in touch with Peter Yang on Discord (see the igdatc > #events-info channel). Soon, we’ll have a way for you to send builds directly via a weblink, but for now, send OneDrive/Drive/Dropbox links to Mark LaCroix on Discord or via email (

Our server is a Windows machine. Parsec emulates an Xbox controller, but games can be controlled by remote players using any gamepad, or with mouse + keyboard.

If your game has unique input requirements, or is a Mac, Linux, web, or some other kind of build, let us know. We can make it work!

Twin Cities Playtest is an online-only event, but all igdatc’s events are currently online…
It is a top priority for us to keep our meetings and attendees safe. To that end, and in accordance with local government recommendations, our in-person meetings have been moved online until further notice. Read more about the our COVID-19 response here: