Minnesota’s premiere ‘Geek Show & Tell’ is going where we’ve never been before – to the drive-in!

Minnedemo34 is happening Thursday August 6th and its going to be bigger and better than ever – complete with a virtual experience, a drive-in double feature experience at the MN State Fairgrounds, and more!

Minnedemo is MN’s premiere geek show and tell – 7 presenters get 7 minutes each to do a live demo (no powerpoint!) of working MN-made tech.

We’ve got DOUBLE the fun this time around with the OnRamp Insurance Accelerator Premiere Night immediately following Minnedemo, as well as musical performances.

This is one summer event you won’t want to miss. Get ready for a socially distanced night of tech, community, and fun!

Minnedemo34 + OnRamp Insurance Accelerator Premiere Night

Drive-In at MN State Fairgrounds (Kidway Lot – corner of Cooper St & Wright Ave)
Streamed virtually via Crowdcast

Schedule (Thursday, August 6th):

  • 6:00: Drive-In at MN State Fairgrounds Opens
  • 7:00 – 8:45: Minnedemo
  • 8:45 – 9:45: OnRamp Insurance Accelerator Premiere Night
  • 9:45 – 10:00: Closing & Jamming Out to Music from Immortal Girlfriend, members of the Backline Accelerator

Tickets can be found HERE and will be released at 2pm on Tuesday July 28th. Heads up that drive-in tickets are limited, and will go fast – hope to see you there!

Drive-In COVID Guidelines:

  • Safety
    • Face masks are required anytime you leave your vehicle or tent
    • Attendees must remain in their vehicles or tent at all times, except when using the restroom facilities
    • Follow Minnestar staff and volunteers for directions to your parking space
    • You will be parked at least six feet away from a neighboring car to allow for social distancing
    • We kindly ask that you please stay only with the group from your vehicle/tent and do not congregate in large groups with other attendees you did not arrive with
  • Prep Your Vehicle
    • Audio will be broadcast through an FM Transmitter (aka through your own car radio). If you are in a tent we will have a speaker near you.
    • If your car does not have FM radio, we recommend bringing one with you to the event. We cannot provide them for you
    • Larger vehicles, vans, trucks, SUVs will be seated in the middle & back
    • Parking lights only when entering the parking lot! Please review your car manual for instructions on shutting off any “daytime” running lights. Patrons are responsible for covering any vehicle lights that can not be turned off.
    • All car horns and alarms must be OFF upon entering and stay off until you have exited.
  • Logistics
    • Food vendors will not be available onsite – pack some snacks for the show!
    • Nearest bathrooms to the Kidway lot are a 3 minute walk away, next to the main gate
    • When waiting in line for a restroom, please maintain social distancing and wait six feet apart from others
    • Out of respect for other attendees (and the environment!), please do not idle your car. No engine running, no smoking, no cooking, no littering, no alcoholic beverages, and no weapons
    • All trash is carry in and carry out


What can I expect at the Drive-In?

    • When you arrive, you will check in and follow the instructions listed above. If you are in a vehicle, you will be given the radio station to tune into (tents will have a speaker). We will have the event broadcast on some big screens, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show in the comfort of your own car or tent!

Are tickets by individual or by vehicle/tent?

    • Tickets are issued by vehicle or tent, which means that you can purchase a ticket and bring your family! Tents have a max capacity of 4 to allow for social distancing.

What if I want to add or change the number of people in my vehicle or tent?

    • Easy peasy. Just update your ticket with their names and email addresses. Instructions on how to do so HERE.

Can anyone purchase a tent ticket?

    • When organizing the event, we wanted to provide an option for folks arriving by public transit, bike or foot to be able to partake in the fun. As a result, tent tickets are reserved for people arriving via these means.

Can I show up if I don’t have a ticket?

    • No, due to COVID guidelines and safe gathering recommendations from the MN Department of Health, there is only a certain amount of people we can have at this event. People arriving without a ticket will be asked to leave.

Oh shoot – I got a ticket but realized I can’t come anymore. What do I do?

    • Life happens! Since there is a lot of demand for this event, if you can no longer make it please release your ticket so someone else can go. Instructions on how to do that HERE. Reach out to support@minnestar.org if you would like a refund (we will issue refunds up to 48 hours prior to the event).

Will there be food at the Drive-In?

    • There will not be concessions or food served, be sure to pack some snacks for a fun evening!

Where are the nearest restrooms to the Drive-In?

    • The closest restrooms are located next to the main Fairgrounds entrance on Snelling, which is a 3 minute walk from the Drive-In.

How do I get to the Drive-In?

    • The Drive-In will be taking place at the Kidway lot at the MN State Fairgrounds (on the corner of Cooper & Wright). When arriving, enter via the main gates on Snelling avenue, and take your second right – the drive in will be on the left side.