Thanks to the generosity and support of our sponsors, we are proud to announce an exciting new addition to this year’s Minnebar: the Minnebar Travel Program.

The Travel Program will host 15 highly skilled prospective employees and technologists to the Twin Cities to experience Minnebar and the MN tech community first hand. These are talented individuals working in tech who have expressed interest in making a professional move to MN.

Participants will receive a travel voucher, and have the opportunity to meet with local companies who are hiring, share their experience on social media and blog posts, and attend Minnebar to fully experience the technology ecosystem of the Twin Cities.

The inspiration of this program is the TCSW Fly-in Program which has been an important staple of Twin Cities Startup Week and has seen an enormous amount of success in attracting tech talent to our region. We are excited to be hosting this program and cementing Minnebar as a premier destination, showcasing the incredible talent of the Minnesota tech ecosystem.

Know someone who would be a great fit? Have them apply HERE.

Thanks again to all of our incredible sponsors and community supporters whose financial contributions make all of our events possible. We look forward to seeing you April 25th!