The time has come! 

We are excited to announce our presenters for Minnedemo36 coming up Tuesday, April 12th at the legendary Turf Club in St. Paul (and virtually as well) vanity address software. You know the drill: 7 presenters, 7 minutes each, real working technology and no slides! Come join us in celebrating all that our local tech community has to offer. Don’t miss your chance at tickets, which go live Tuesday March 15th at 2pm!

Here’s the lineup for what will be yet another great show:




Pennant: Pennant is a technology platform that enables performing artists to create their own custom-branded digital entertainment experience for their fans.



Brevity: Brevity is a pitch software helping professionals create clear and concise narratives to better influence their target audience.



Arteater: Arteater allows you to create hand-drawn animated GIFs on paper.



Snow Off: Snow Off is on-demand snow removal for the Twin Cities – locally owned & managed.



FlorA Plant Care: Get to know FlorA Plant Care, a connected device that automates houseplant care.



Migraine Insight: Migraine Insight helps people find migraine triggers, with over 85% of users making real insights to reduce or eliminate migraines within 12 weeks.



NextGem: NextGem is a new app to image, manage and share trading cards with other passionate collectors and investors.