The time has come! Check out the presenters of Minnedemo37

We are excited to announce our presenters for Minnedemo37 coming up Thursday, September 22nd at the legendary Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. It’s Minnesota’s premiere tech show and tell: 7 presenters, 7 minutes each, real working technology and no slides! Come join us in celebrating all that our local tech community has to offer. Tickets can be found HERE.

Here’s the lineup for what will be yet another great show:

Sunsett is a simpler solution for business growth, helping you connect multiple platforms and projects for actionable insights into business performance across the board.


SitEat is a concession management platform that allows concession operators reduce wait times, serving 500 vendors in over 200 locations across the United states.

Seraph7: Ultimate Elder Battle Royale

Created by Seraph7 Studios, Ultimate Elder Battle Royale is a humorous over-the-top fighting and role-playing game that asks the question: what happens if superheroes aged and were 80 years old, living in a nursing home, started an underground fight club, and were still fighting bad guys?

Collab Spot

Collab Spot allows you to collect feedback and iterate designs 5x faster with your team. Turn any website into an interactive canvas to leave comments, track tasks, and edit your designs.

Aurelius 3.0

Aurelius lets you capture, analyze, search and share all your customer research in one place. Take notes, transcribe recordings, analyze data, create insights and turn them into action. Search and share all your research in one place.

Teqnizan Bluetooth Earrings

Teqnizan music earrings are bluetooth audio devices in the form of earrings, connecting to cell phone and smart watches like in-ear earbuds. Music can be listened to from the comfortable and stylish earrings, making the daily experience safer and more enjoyable.


IntelligentRx is a free platform which allows users to save up to 85% on prescriptions at your local pharmacy, by finding the lowest prescription price available.