The time has come! Check out the presenters of Minnedemo38

We are excited to announce our presenters for Minnedemo38 coming up Thursday, July 13 at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul. It’s Minnesota’s premiere tech show and tell: 7 presenters, 7 minutes each, real working technology and no slides! Come join us in celebrating all that our local tech community has to offer. Tickets can be found HERE.

Here’s the lineup for what will be yet another great show:

SALI Alliance

The SALI Alliance is using large language models to align ontologies and graph databases for the law.


Verdethos is connecting the dots from source to shelf to empower transparent, deforestation-free sourcing for complex global supply chains.


Bridging the Gap: Microgen is an open source visual site builder for designers and developers.

Touch Harp

Playing an electronic guitar and wind instrument using AI.


Breaking the monotony. Hold engaging video call events that lead to real connection with DemoHop

Algo Targets

Algo Targets is a new type of trading indicator, built on the (somewhat crazy) theory that all stock prices are algorithmically controlled.


Prompt control for teams. Izlo unleashes efficiency and unlocks the prompts trapped in your code, documents, and spreadsheets.