We are looking to grow the Minnestar community over the course of the next ten years, including both digital reach and event attendance. We want to add a strategic marketing partner to our team. We seek an individual or agency with digital marketing expertise to help us build a strategy and execute it. We have a modest annual budget to support the marketing strategies that will drive our reach and attendance.

This is a request for interest and information to help us find that partner.



Minnestar is a Minnesota-based non-profit that hosts free, inclusive events to fuel the tech ecosystem in Minnesota. Minnestar hosts three core events throughout the year: Minnedemo, also known fondly as a “geek show-and-tell”, Minnebar, the organization’s annual conference that pairs user-generated panels and presentations with genuine networking and fun, and a bi-weekly MinneAMA, an “ask me anything” style of panel with community members.

Minnestar welcomes guests from all industries to join their events and experience the rich entrepreneurial tech culture happening here in Minnesota. Event presenters span a wide range, too. Whether they are running a full fledged tech startup that solves a widespread problem or sharing a brand new passion project, all are welcome to this collaborative, supportive environment.

Beyond offering a place to learn about what’s happening in Minnesota tech, Minnestar fosters unforced relationship building opportunities with the hope that lasting personal and professional relationships are formed at Minnestar events.

Minnestar is funded by donations from community supporters who see the value in Minnebar and Minnedemo events. Minnestar is also supported by local sponsors.


Express your interest!

If helping Minnestar build a larger footprint sounds exciting to you, please send us a short letter (roughly one page and obviously an email or document not a physical letter—hah!) about yourself or your company. Let us know about why you would be interested in working with us and why this would be a good match for you. Tell us a little bit about your agency and expertise and provide some helpful links where we can learn more.


Next steps

To send your interest, fill out this form. We’d love to get our submissions by 5:00 PM CST Friday, April 2nd. We plan on having conversations with a handful of collaborators starting early April.

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