Blacks United in Leading Technology – Twin Cities is the official, chartered chapter for Minneapolis, Minnesota of the dynamic, growing, vibrant Blacks United in Leading Technology International non-profit corporation (

Our Chapters are operated under the BUILT Forward brand, and there is no charge to attend. Our dues-paying members, in BUILT International, receive extra benefits – mentors, training scholarships, free job postings, speaking & leadership opportunities, and more.

We educate people and seek to increase the representation of Black women and men in technology. It’s proven, enterprises that embrace diversity yield the most innovative solutions. We’re talking about the whole gamut from developers, scientists, digital media specialists, engineers, web masters, technicians, QA folks, social media strategists, cyber-security analysts, online marketing experts, UI/UX artists, recruiters, bloggers, operations staff, project managers – and many, many more technology professionals, students and educators.

We operate in a united fashion with the hundreds of other nonprofits, corporate resource groups, and diversity professionals with whom we share a common mission. Our BUILT Alliance.

We include all races and ethnicities. Non-technologist supporters are welcome in our community. The doors are wide open for those folks who are simply just passionate about all things technical.

Our events are held in-person and virtually, with a winning mix of top tech presentations, entrepreneurial series, more tech presentations, networking events, social justice messaging, collaborations with other aligned groups, career advancement seminars, more tech presentations, and Member’s Only, Reserved and Private Events.

Join us. Share our knowledge. Provide your viewpoints. Let’s explore together how technology is changing the world. Let’s effect Tech Equity, and help ensure technology is inclusive for all.