Want to learn how to dramatically improve your code organization and maintainability? Eliminate frustrating performance bottlenecks? Make it easier to add and maintain new features and enhancements? Join ILM Principal Consultant Doug Little for an interactive lunch & learn session. You’ll walk away with valuable insights for optimizing modularity, maintainability, and scalability. Doug will cover how to enforce consistency on code style and quality, establish folder and file name conventions, use component libraries more effectively, manage component and application states, and automate testing, among many other topics. The key principles Doug shares will be valuable for developers regardless of which frontend technology they’re using, including React, Angular, Vue and Svelte.

Key Topics:
Static Analysis
Source Control
Code Organization
Frontend Ecosystem
Design Patterns
State Management
Automated Testing

Event Details:
Date: Thursday, February 15

11:45-Noon: Lunch and Networking
Noon-1: Presentation
1-1:30: Questions and Networking

Space is limited so click the link below to sign up today!