We’re trying something different this month. Skykit has generously offerred us the use of the rooftop terrace in their building, and we hope you can come and meet other Pythonistas in person, for the first time in over two years!

We’re meeting on the rooftop terrace of Skykit, a 1/3 indoor, 2/3 outdoor space. Indoor masking recommended. A virtual meeting will be broadcast starting at 7:30 for those unable to attend in-person.

The terrace has monitors on which we’ll display the Google Meet window, but you may wish to bring your laptop and connect to the Google Meet yourself (thus attending “virtually in person”), or look on with someone doing so. We hope this will offer an opportunity to socially distance yet still enjoy the company of other members.

• Meeting Host – Steve Lindblad

• Location (in person):
Skykit, 241 Fifth Ave N, Unit 800, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (Steelman Exchange Building)
Directions to terrace will be posted at the security desk

• Location (virtual): Google Meet (link available in Meetup)

** We’re looking for speakers (and speakers at future meetings). Have something to share that you did in Python? To volunteer to speak, please fill out our form: http://tinyurl.com/pymntosvolunteer **


7:00 – Meetup opens live on the Skykit rooftop. Socialize and enjoy pizza and soda provided by PyMNtos. Please grab a nametag when you arrive and sign the guest list (helps with planning for space and pizza and future events).

7:30 – Online: Google Meet broadcast opens (note later start time—please join prior to the beginning of the formal program at 7:30).

7:30 – Formal program (in-person and online)

– Opening remarks
– Skykit introductions
– Member introductions and announcements (new) – We’ll go around the room (in-person and online) so each member who feels comfortable doing so can briefly introduce themselves, say why they’re interested in Python, reasons for coming, whether they’re looking for or know of a Python job opportunity, etc.
– Speakers (see below)
If we don’t have speakers we may watch a prerecorded Python talk from YouTube from PyCon or other event. If you have suggestions, feel free to note in the Slack #general channel or email organizers@pymntos.org.
– Feel free to bring any brief Python tidbits, experiences, or job openings you’d like to share with the group.

Questions will be collected from the Google Meet chat or Slack #general channel and answered live.


• Canin Carlos – will speak on a user interface project for OpenStates
• You? We have space for additional speakers at this or a future meetup (Please see link below for volunteer form). Speakers can do so in-person or virtually (but you will likely want a laptop to present).

9:00 – Wrap up and Disperse


Details on Attending

• Please RSVP on meetup and note whether you will attend in-person so we can plan for food/beverages. Please cancel/modify your RSVP if your plans change so waitlisted members have the opportunity to attend.

• Parking available in the building ramp ($5 flat fee). Enter from N 3rd Street on the southwest side of the building (right-hand side in back when viewed from front). Additional detail about how to pay to be posted here as we learn it.

• Laptops encouraged. Monitor viewing angles on the terrace may be limited. WiFi available.

• Health and safety: Indoor masking recommended. We respectfully ask anyone who has had recent symptoms or exposure to use the virtual meetup option. Please help us protect this community and those we love with higher risk of severe consequences than ourselves.

• Volunteers to speak, host, and greet are needed for future meetups. Sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/pymntosvolunteer

• Slack: To join the PyMNtos Slack workspace, please use https://pymntos-slackin.herokuapp.com/.

• Donate

– Donate to PyMNtos directly through the Python Software Foundation:


– Become a supporting member of the PSF ($99/year)
– Become a basic member of the PSF (FREE). With this membership, you may consider adding a donation – https://www.python.org/psf/donations/