Silicon Prairie Friday Open Office Hours are now LIVE on ZOOM!
Held EVERY FRIDAY morning from 9:30 to 11:30 AM (central)

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Can’t make it? Watch a recent presentation here:

The first hour is “ask us anything” topics usually include: Small Business, Tech Startups, Financial Securities, Software Security, Blockchain, or Investment Crowdfunding. Even if you don’t ever become a customer of ours – we want to be a resource for you!

The second hour is an Investment Crowdfunding 101 we have a PowerPoint presentation that covers how to raise money for small businesses using Investment Crowdfunding. We cover fundraising options, the Investment Crowdfunding laws/ regulations, the process, dollar amounts, timelines, costs, pitfalls, and best practices.

We’ve been hosting Open Office Hours in-person for YEARS now, and now we’re delighted to share our experience and knowledge with our broader community. Friday at 9:30 is your chance to catch up with us and/or pick our brains, ask gritty questions, or just share what’s new with you!

As always, feel free to connect with us on Linkedin as well! Hope to catch-up soon!