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Parking, Directions & More

Best Buy Corporate Campus
7601 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55423
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PLEASE NOTE: Construction season in Minnesota has officially begun and this weekend the ramp from westbound I-494 to Penn Ave will be closed. This will impact many folks arriving to Minnebar from the west – if that’s you, please give yourself a few extra minutes to arrive and use France Ave to eastbound 1-494 and exit at Penn Ave as a detour.


Feel free to park in the parking ramp (it’s free) that can be accessed via Penn Ave. No parking in visitors parking lot, entrance to the event is only available via the parking ramp. Once in the ramp, enter the building using doors on the north side (doors marked P1N, P2N, or P3N). Signs will be posted.


Penn Ave. – If you are dropped off on Penn Ave., follow the sidewalk that is to the left side of the driveway leading into the parking ramp tunnel. The sidewalk will bring attendees to the Wellness entrance where they can press the intercom to contact security to get in.

76th Street – Follow the sidewalk from the street to the Transit entrance. You will need to call on the intercom.

Knox Ave. – The patio entrance is closed at this time and getting in will be difficult. While there is an intercom at the entrance in case someone gets stuck, it is an entrance that should be avoided.


If anyone is riding a bicycle to the conference, please use the entrance by the basketball courts on the Penn. Ave side of the building (this is the Wellness Zone entrance). We have a large bicycle rack that you can use.