What are the health/COVID protocols at this year's event? | Minnestar

What are the health/COVID protocols at this year’s event?

As of 3/28/23, we are not requiring a health screening at this year’s Minnebar. We are closely monitoring updates to the CDC and MN Dept of Health guidelines leading up to the event. If there are any changes, we will communicate them to attendees as soon as possible and make any necessary adjustments to our protocols.

While proof of vaccination is not required to attend this year’s event, we strongly encourage all attendees to get vaccinated before the event. We also ask that anyone who is feeling unwell or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to stay home and not attend the event.

During lunch, the outdoor area near Sandy’s will be open and accessible during the lunch hour for anyone who would prefer to eat outside (weather permitting). During the rest of the day, these doors will remain closed for security purposes.