Front-End Engineer | Minnestar

We’re looking for another seasoned front-end engineer to join our team.
We are a tight-knit, talented group of engineers and designers building custom mobile and web software for smart clients.  We have an incredible attention to detail and very high standards—if you want to join our team, you’ll need to demonstrate that you do too.
Your primary role will be development of web applications using view technologies such as React, Vue, and Angular, build systems such as Webpack and Gulp, development workflows using Git and Docker, and testing frameworks like Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, and Protractor.  Strong CSS skills are required – beautiful, responsive design is standard operating procedure for us.
Your role will also include development of native iOS and Android apps using React Native.  You will be supported in native app development by Livefront’s expert iOS and Android developers.
The ecosystem of frontend technology is vibrant and tumultuous.  We need someone who can navigate the chaos, learn new tools as necessary, look for support from teammates when needed, and deliver excellence regardless of the technologies involved.
Bonus if you can rock Swift, Kotlin, Ruby on Rails, or any other language.  You have an innate, built-in, almost scary penchant for programming.  You communicate clearly.  You have a proven track-record of self-motivation.  You’re active in the tech community.  You never tire of Chipotle.
We are looking for someone who has 5+ years of front-end development experience.
For the right talent we offer high salaries, Aeron chairs, fancy gadgets, and other pleasantries.
Job Type: Full-time
Compensation Type: salaried
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Posted by Sarah Olson on January 11, 2024