Reasons to Network with Adrienne:

– You want to learn more about Product Management or Leadpages

– You want to be a beekeeper

– You’re interested in tips on power napping

– You want to have a good belly laugh

Like a lot of us, Adrienne’s career path hasn’t been linear. From medical device engineering to freelance consulting, combine project management, marketing, and an MBA, it’s no wonder she’s been a catalyst in the tech community with a variety of skills and interests. Today she finds herself managing software as a Product Manager at Leadpages. “If I would have stayed on my really straightforward, clear career path in medical devices, I’m really confident I would not be loving my job and would have never lived in India or China, or had the opportunity to work on growing this tech community”. After attending a few Minnebars and Minnedemos in the aughts, Adrienne became an early member of the Minnestar family, working closely with Luke and Ben to organize and grow events. 

Seven years later, she can now be credited with recruiting the very first volunteer, and went on to create and grow the Minnestar volunteer network. What started with just a few people taking tickets and keeping time has grown to an official Volunteer Management position (thank you, Richard Isaacson!) and 30+ volunteers for each event.

What’s kept her here? “I think it’s important to bring our whole tech community together – startups, big corporations, freelancers, students, developers, designers, business folks – and both see what great things are going on and dream up even bigger things”. Adrienne’s energy and vision for the bigger things has contributed to Minnestar’s success over her seven years with the organization. “Minnestar offers events I love, and a space to spend time meeting new people and catching up with old friends”. It’s a core pillar of the Minnesota tech community, one Adrienne describes as “hardworking, exciting, and friendly”.

A lifetime learner, a quick conversation with Adrienne will leaving you laughing and learning something new. “On the topic of careers, Ginny Rommity once said, growth and comfort never co-exist.”

Contact Adrienne

Twitter: @AdriennePeirce