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  • You’re part of a Minnesota company that’s trying to change the world (Kristin wants to hear from you!)

Kristin Dean is a progressive human resources professional in the Twin Cities, believing that “HR should be a strategic partner, not the principal.” When Kristin’s not spending time with her friends and family, she’s connecting with the talented and innovative tech community here in Minnesota. As a 2017 40 Under 40 recipient, she’s made a name for herself by keeping empathy and kindness at the center of her leadership. Kristin isn’t a manager of resources, she’s a manager of people, and it’s baked right into her title, VP of People at Arctic Wolf, a SOC-as-a-service provider that’s redefining the economics of security with Concierge Security Engineers, 24×7 monitoring, custom alerting and incident investigation and response.

Kristin started her career in human resources at Hyatt Regency Minneapolis before making her move to tech. She spent three years with Code42 before serving two key roles at Delaget as the Vice President of Human Resources and the Vice President of Operations. Before joining Arctic Wolf, Kristin was the Vice President of People for Revel.

Minnestar closely aligns with her strong belief that Minnesota is one of the strongest, most innovative tech communities in the country. “Minnestar shines a light on the top talent and innovation that is coming out of Minnesota, and provides an avenue for it to continue to grow.” As one of the newest board members, Kristin’s background in operations and people management will be crucial in helping set Minnestar’s strategic vision.

She’s committed to building performance cultures based on winning, teamwork and fun. Kristin’s professional philosophy is #WorkHardBeNice. If you stay true to this motto, “everything else will work out,” she says.

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