Reasons to Network with Lindsi:

  • You’re curious about the latest from Still Kickin (Lindsi’s a proud board member!)
  • You’re a world traveler and can help Lindsi plan the next country to check out
  • You host a local industry gathering or workshop, like Social Media Breakfast
  • You also co-work at Fueled Collective (formerly COCO – go find Lindsi and say hi!)
  • You also have a Chug (chihuahua-pug mix) and want to swap pics

Lindsi identifies as a Swiss Army Knife of marketing and communications. The founder and owner of gish&co.—a small strategic communications and digital marketing firm in Minneapolis—Lindsi has built a business using communications and technology to help nonprofits and small businesses grow, raise funds, communicate effectively and streamline processes. “After making the switch to agency-side, I quickly realized that small businesses and nonprofits need more nimble, more cost-effective and committed partners than most large PR, marketing, and ad agencies are set up to support,” Lindsi said. Since its founding, gish&co. has been proud to work on causes they believe in—from Twin Cities Pride, to Second Harvest Heartland, to Pet Haven, to Davis Law Office who works to make quality legal representation accessible to everyone.

Lindsi was drawn to serving on the Minnestar board to help expand the way Minnesota defines its tech community. “I actually don’t consider myself a ‘part’ of the tech community, which is precisely one of the things I’d like to help shift,” Lindsi says. Lindsi sees an opportunity to pool Minnesota’s collective resources and reputation through organizations like Minnestar to help put Minnesota on the national map. “I believe the events Minnestar hosts are critical in unifying and building cohesion and enthusiasm across the myriad groups that identify as tech.”

“There’s no other local event I attend where I learn more and get more inspired than I do in one day at Minnebar,” Lindsi shares. Lindsi is excited to learn more about the incredible work already happening here and help attract the best and brightest while making our organizations and community more inclusive and equitable.

When we asked for some of the best advice she’d ever received, Lindsi said:

  1. Never expect other people to be like you. “As simple as it sounds, acknowledging the diversity of experiences and backgrounds of team members/co-conspirators has been critical for me, both in building productive and healthy teams, but also in seeking out the types of folks I want to work with. We don’t all have access to the same resources, nor have we all gone through the same experiences. That diversity of perspective is so important. And, more generally, it’s been important for me to keep in mind that the way I would’ve done it does not mean that’s the only way it should be done.”  
  2. Nobody knows what they’re doing. “Sure, folks have expertise and X number of years of experiences with things, but if you move through life remembering that no one has all of the answers, all of the time, it opens doors to conversations, and gives you a sense of confidence that you may not have otherwise.”

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LinkedIn: Lindsi Gish

Twitter: @Lindsi