As minnebar, minnedemo and minnebbq have continued to grow and become more complex events it takes a larger and larger group of people to make the events happen. Minnestar is a scrappy non-profit and has no paid staff members. We simply could not make our events happen at the scale and frequency that they happen now without a wonderful, awesome, amazing community of volunteers. Every event in 2012 was supported by an army of volunteers making sure that everything went smoothly. We all see their contributions, and we want to recognize our volunteers as well.

Starting in 2012 we are creating a Catalysts of the Year award. Minnestar founders have long referred to themselves as Community Catalysts. The mission of our organization is to help catalyze the tech community in Minnesota. The volunteers are a huge catalysts themselves! We have created the Catalyst of the Year designation to recognize volunteers that have helped make every event for a year happen. 2012 is the first year we are doing this, and we will continue to do it going forward.

Stay tuned to find out who will be listed as a Catalyst of the Year for 2012!