Each month, we host a virtual AMA (or Ask Me Anything) session on a different topic with subject matter experts from our community. You can ask questions and learn directly from industry leaders who know it best (all from the comfort of your home or office).

This month, we were pleased to have Nancy Lyons, with us to discuss the important topic of How to Shape Healthier Work Cultures. Nancy is the co-founder and CEO of Clockwork, an award winning local digital agency. She is a leader, a culture advocate, an entrepreneur, badass and author of Work Like a Boss: A Kick in the Pants Guide to Finding (and Using) Your Power at Work.

Weren’t able to make it? Be sure to check out the video below:

About the session:

This month, we were excited to have Nancy Lyons, co-founder and CEO of Clockwork with us, as we discussed how to develop people-centered work cultures. People brought great questions for this powerhouse, hilarious and award winning leader. We discussed:

  • Identifying and using better mindsets and practices
  • Bringing your best self even when it’s difficult
  • Overcoming your bad communication habits
  • Owning your sh*t
  • And more

Don’t forget to join us next time (July 8th) when we talk to local experts about How to Fund Your Startup Without Venture Capital (get tickets here).

Can join us, but want to get your questions answered? Submit them ahead of time to support@minnestar.org and we will try and include them in the session.