Each month, we host a virtual AMA (or Ask Me Anything) session on a different topic with subject matter experts from our community. You can ask questions and learn directly from industry leaders who know it best (all from the comfort of your home or office).

This month, we were pleased to have Laurie Healy and Dr. Lisa Lovelace with us to discuss the important topic of mental health in the MN tech community.

Weren’t able to make it? Be sure to check out the video below:

About the session:

Healthy workplaces are vital to our productivity, contribution and overall contentment. However, the stigma of mental health in the workplace has caused very real impact to both employees and employers in the form of decreased engagement, lost productivity, and negative financial implications. Add to that our current reality, where many people are teleworking full-time for the very first time, and experiencing a new sense of isolation. Our routines have been upended, introducing new levels of financial, social and emotional uncertainty.

Join us for this conversation where Dr. Lisa Lovelace and Laurie Healy discuss the importance of mental health in the MN Tech community. Topics include:

  • Financial, social and personal implications of mental health in the workplace
  • How mental health shows up in the workplace and how we can support colleagues facing mental health disorders
  • Mental health trends as a result of and exacerbated by COVID 19
  • Good examples and ideas from other companies that are prioritizing mental health in the workplace and how your organization can act on this as well


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Can join us, but want to get your questions answered? Submit them ahead of time to support@minnestar.org and we will try and include them in the session.