Minnedemo Guide | Minnestar

Minnedemo is a forum for local companies and individuals to show off interesting technology projects in junction with peer networking. Our attendees are incredibly varied- we have a mixed crowd of techies, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, and business people.

What You Need To Know

7 Minutes

Timing is everything. Seven minutes to show and tell who you are, your product and technology, and how you built it. Use your time wisely and plan accordingly!

No Frills

This is a demo of your technical products (hardware or software), not a presentation of your marketing materials. It is ok to use a video to aid in demonstrating something difficult, but it should be only a small portion of your demo.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Use a timer and make your seven minutes count! Upwards of 700 peers could be seeing your demo, so review our Code of Conduct before presenting and come ready to rock.

Audio & Video

Prepping for your demo is of utmost importance. Bring your own presentation device, your own display adapters, and any other special hardware you require to present. Have a back-up plan (local copy or your own hotspot) in case the Wi-Fi/Internet does not work. If you have special A/V needs let us know and we’ll see if we can help!


Code of Conduct

Before attending a Minnedemo, please review our code of conduct. We value all of our attendees and presenters and strive to make each event a welcoming and fun space. Please keep these guidelines in mind as you’re creating your presentation.

Thinking of Presenting

Fill out an application to get the process started! Along with your application, keep in mind that you will need a high quality logo, a short description of your demo, your twitter handle, and a description of how you will demonstrate your technology.