“Saturday was amazing. I see the work Minnestar did as a model for how to do virtual events moving forward.”

On Saturday, April 25th over 450 techies, designers, investors and entrepreneurs joined us on a beautiful morning for the very first (mini) Minnebar.

First held in 2006, Minnebar is an annual technology (un)conference, and one of the largest events that brings together the MN tech community. Minnebar, like other BarCamps, is an (un)conference that is participant-led and has a very loose structure.

With Minnebar15 rescheduled for the fall, we added a virtual (mini) Minnebar on the original date for Minnebar to get us connected, pumped up, and learning. We were #TogetherApart for an epic day with some great speakers. Check out the info below and relive the fun!


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[rbtn href=”https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MvZSon1FLIx1TAweAq2UppUtL-CuEJ87y-dj1rqgL38/edit?usp=sharing”] SPEAKER SLIDES [/rbtn]


Fast Facts

  • Over 450 attendees from Minnesota to Hyderabad, India
  • $1,373 raised from registration donations and day of donations from over 50 donors
  • 9 engaging sessions with topics ranging from How Tech Can Combat Climate Change to Leadership Skills for the New Manager


Congrats to the (mini) Minnebar Raffle Winners

Huge thanks to our incredible sponsors for providing the prizes for our first ever virtual swag bag! Winners should have already gotten an email with their prize. Congrats to the winners:

  • SPS Commerce (2 $50 Target gift cards & 2 $50 Bite Squad gift cards)
    • Allison Hill
    • Tim Altmann
    • Joe Schneider
    • Gage Jake
  • Target (a $100 Target gift card & a 6-month membership to Target Shipt)
    • Barry Hess
    • Laurie Sugiarto
  • Fueled Collective (a Social Club Membership to Fueled Collective)
    • Mark Giammona
  • Daugherty (a $100 Best Buy gift card)
    • Rami D Jubara
  • Foundry (2 $50 Brasa gift cards)
    • Kyle Smaagard
    • Paul Younge
  • Super Go Faster (a $250 gift card to Target, a $250 gift card to Best Buy, and a ColorKu)
    • M. J. Lee
    • Zingha Sielatshom
    • Rick Olson
  • Total Expert (Ten $50 gift cards to DoorDash)
    • Joseph Piché
    • Belinda Kveen
    • Maureen Stoltzman
    • Charlie Smith
    • Jeff Lin
    • Matthew Erickson
    • Kyaw Za Zaw
    • Dan Belling
    • Chee Lee
    • Don Bixler

We are always looking to improve the quality and experience of our events, so we want to know: what would you like to see from Minnestar? What is your vision for our tech community and how can Minnestar help us get there? Shoot us an email any time (we love hearing from you!) at support@minnestar.org.

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