“The community vibe and overall tone of the evening is great. Everyone is there to have fun and be supportive of the community! 🙌”

On Thursday, October 11th nearly 700 techies, designers, investors and entrepreneurs descended on the Riverview Theater to attend Minnedemo30. Minnedemo, held three times a year, is the premier showcase for working technology products and tech innovation in Minnesota.

The formula for our ‘geek show and tell’ is simple: 7 presenters, 7 minutes each, live demos of working tech made in MN. This time around we were proud to highlight 7 incredible groups. Be sure to check out their demos below!

Fast Facts:

  • This was the 6th Minnedemo hosted at the Riverview Theater
  • 35% of the audience were attending their first Minnestar event
  • 97% of survey respondents said would recommend Minnedemo to a friend or colleague

We are always looking to improve the quality and experience of our events, so we want to know: what would you like to see from Minnestar? What is your vision for our tech community and how can Minnestar help us get there? Shoot us an email any time (we love hearing from you!) at support@minnestar.org.

See you at Minnedemo31 Feb 7th at the Pantages Theater!

Minnedemo30 Videos:

Hydra FPV Drone Racing Entertainment Tech

A live drone race inside the Riverview Theater with aerial first-person-view (FPV) video on the big screen and a chance to win if you pick the winning pilot.


The Suprabook team shows how lawyers use their app to build, edit and share digital litigation binders. They’ll use their app to argue on behalf of their client, Jon Snow (yes, THAT Jon Snow).


Quickly turning friends’ ideas and interests into a clear plan by suggesting options and voting them toward the finish line to decide a winner.

WorkMand Marketplace

B2B marketplace for construction companies to find and hire subcontractors for their jobs.


Runerra is an app that allows you to see all your friends who are currently out running errands, and have them deliver the things you need right to your doorstep.


Early learning platform that uses a voice-interactive plush toy to help kids build social, emotional, and language skills in a safe (i.e., screenless), engaging way.

Kanetus: Audio Tour for Everyday Places

An audio tour platform for the entire world that anyone can listen and contribute to.