On Tuesday, April 12th, hundreds of techies, designers, investors and entrepreneurs packed the Turf Club and the virtual livestream to attend Minnedemo36. Minnedemo, held three times a year, is the premier showcase for working technology products and tech innovation in Minnesota.

The formula for our ‘geek show and tell’ is simple: 7 presenters, 7 minutes each, live demos of working tech made in MN. This month we were proud to highlight 7 truly incredible demos. Be sure to check out their demos below!

See you at Minnebar16 at Best Buy HQ on Saturday June 4th and at Minnedemo: Back to Campus at the University of St. Thomas on Thursday June 30th!

Minnedemo36 Videos:


Pennant: Pennant is a technology platform that enables performing artists to create their own custom-branded digital entertainment experience for their fans.


Brevity: Brevity is a pitch software helping professionals create clear and concise narratives to better influence their target audience.


Arteater: Arteater allows you to create hand-drawn animated GIFs on paper.

Snow Off

Snow Off: Snow Off is on-demand snow removal for the Twin Cities – locally owned & managed.

FlorA Plant Care

FlorA Plant Care: Get to know FlorA Plant Care, a connected device that automates houseplant care.

Migraine Insight

Migraine Insight: Migraine Insight helps people find migraine triggers, with over 85% of users making real insights to reduce or eliminate migraines within 12 weeks.


NextGem: NextGem is a new app to image, manage and share trading cards with other passionate collectors and investors.