I’m very excited to announce that Sona Mehring has joined the Minnestar board. I have had the honor to serve as a board member at Sona’s organization, CaringBridge, for the last four years. In the August 10, 2012 meeting Sona officially joined the board.

CaringBridge is an amazing Minnesota-based non-profit that Sona started in 1997. From those scrappy beginnings Sona has now built a thriving organization that helps millions of people connect with loved ones, friends and family during health journeys. If you have had the opportunity to have a “CaringBridge moment” when you connect with someone you care about as they go through a health struggle you know that the site provides a vital bond. It is a free service supported almost entirely by individual donations.

As we looked to expand the Minnestar board it was clear that we had a very big gap in non-profit experience. I knew right away that Sona would be the ideal person to join the board given her non-profit background combined with her technical background. Sona spent many years as a software engineer as well as CTO for a startup before she started CaringBridge. She was excited about the opportunity to join:

A strong technology community is and needs to continue to be at the heart of a strong Minnesota workforce. Minnestar helps cultivate that community and make it stronger. Having my entire career within technology, I’m very passionate about helping Minnestar continue to have a great impact.  Its an honor to serve on the Minnestar board.

Sona’s tech and non-profit background is unique and I’m so thankful that she has joined the Minnestar board. You can find her on Twitter at @gogosona.