Last month was the launch of our newest series: Techies Who! It’s monthly meetups around common interests with local techies. Because, hey – guess what? We have interests outside of work and tech too.

Think of it as an opportunity to connect with others around the things that make us happy, human, and alive. We’ve got a new crop of events coming at you this month – learn more and sign up below!



4/22:  Techies Who Jam/Play Music

The Venn diagram overlap of “musician” and “techie” is massive. Making music and making tech is aligned. Join Damien Riehl this month as we jam out (remotely!) using JamKazam.

4/27: Techies Who Craft

Join Meg Steuer & Maddy Kennedy for a craft show and tell  – grab a beverage and one of your fave projects (anything from masterpiece to work in progress).



4/26: Techies Who Meditate

Need a moment of peace? Join Quyen Balter of Peach Mindfulness and Eugene Medynskiy for a guided meditation session and a discussion on Thoughts vs. Awareness: Who should be the boss?


4/28:  Techies Who Play D&D

Join Derek Rucker and come down to ye Old Red Dragon Inn and hoist an ale with Techies who D&D! We’re an informal group of tech entrepreneurs and startup types who also enjoy traditional role-playing games in what remains of their spare time.


4/27: Techies Who Eat & Drink

Join Tim Bornholdt and Cory Ploessl for a live cooking demo with paired drink tasting from the comfort of your own home.  Pick up the ingredients ahead of time and join the fun!